DECEMBER 10th, 2011

A Fun alternative to family oriented XMAS. If Santarchy Baltimore interests you, but you live and want to Ho HO HO in Hampden, this is your ticket to holiday, ADULT fun. Dress UP in your XMAS Clothes.
Hampden Santa Rampage starts at 7pm at ROCKET 2 Venus
We are aiming for 100 Santas. We will hit all the bars of HAMPDEN.
​​​​​Lets spread the XMAS cheer.​

While SOME naughty is nice..

Don’t be an asshole.
No vandalism, violence, theft or other criminal behavior…got it?
Santa is about spreading joy, not  needing bail.
​Santa’s Little Douchebag Contingent is not welcome at our reindeer games.
​Santas look out for each other and naughty–of the NOT nice variety–
​is not tolerated.

Be AWESOME to bar staff.
Pay with cash…it can get pretty chaotic when Santa comes to town.
​Tip well…Santa wants to be welcome in years to come.
​Bring ID…Santa is of legal drinking age.

Be nice to kids.
Remember the 4 Fs
Don’t F*ck with police
Don’t F*ck with kids
Don’t F*ck with security
Don’t F*ck with Santa

Be safe. Have fun, but don’t get SO jolly that you require babysitting.
​Buddy up…we’re still in a city.